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Home loan eligibility for self-employed


Documents in this category are simpler than businessmen as usually the professional’s earnings are reflected in their financial statements leaving no room for doubt. But it is possible that self-employed non-professionals could be conducting a major part of their dealings in cash.

The qualified professional’s — like chartered accountants, doctors or engineers — always land a well-paying job even in adverse business times.

Qualified professional

  • They have a better chance of getting their loans sanctioned if they are well-qualified and easily employable.
  • Steady income, credit history and income tax records of the last three years are very important.
  • In some cases, the registration certificate for deduction of profession tax and the certificate of practice also needs to be submitted.

Owner of a proprietary concern

  • Should have income statement and tax returns ready.
  • A registration certificate under Shop and Establishment Act and Factories Act Bank account statements.
  • Profit & loss and balance sheet statements should be in order.
  • Give an accurate picture of your net worth.

How long do I need to be self-employed?

In order to borrow mortgage, the applicants should be self-employed for at least two or three years. However, people who have been self-employed for only one year can also consider.

If you’re self-employed for one year or more, you can call us now 02 8322 6895 or apply in our free form to know how you can get approved for a mortgage.

Self-employed – benefits

  • Ideal for self-employed
  • Simple application process – we make it easy for the self-employed
  • Borrow up to 80% of your property value and pay no mortgage insurance

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